Android Data Recovery in Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy is one of the most popular brands in terms Android phones that shakes the market with its feathers and appearance. One of the most popular Samsung Galaxy S4 has a massive storage space to avoid wasting pictures, videos, documents and so on.

But sometimes in uncertain situations if data gets deleted accidently, then the question arise how to recover those data again. The answer to this question is through Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android software. When the file gets erased the space that the file occupies is only marked as blank which can reused by new files, but the wiped files still remains there till the new information overwrites that space.
As a result it is very easy to recover these deleted files. With the help of Samsung android data recovery Software recovery of photos and videos or any unrooted or rooted S4 can be suitably recover any files weather it is contacts, texts, call history anything. But for this the remaining battery should be up to 20% at least so power off situation can be avoided. As the data gets lost the use of phone should be reduced so overwriting of files is avoided. 

For recovering the lost data it can be scanned and recovered from the handset directly. After connecting the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the system we can find a trash or recycling bin, this bin consist of files that is marked as useless information  that gets over written by new data. These deleted data just turns invisible and disappears until they are overwritten. These files can be viewed and even saved in HTML format or even can be directly printed as per the need of the user.


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