Permanently Delete Multiple Contacts From an Android Phone

Contacts are supposed to build up on your phone over time and if you delete old contacts if you no longer need them then you may make it easier for yourself to find your more current contacts. However, if you wish to delete contacts from your phone permanently then it is quite simple. With this below points, you will be easily able to delete multiple contacts at once from your android phone.

Delete Multiple Contacts At one From Android Phone

  • In order to delete multiple contacts, you can simply navigate to the “Ccontacts” or “People” menu and once you reach the contacts list, press the menu button and then press the menu button so that you can pull up an action menu with options like Backup/Delete/Export/Import/accounts and speed dial setting. After this, you can simply click delete and you should see an unchecked box next to each of the contacts.
  • Next, you can find the contacts you want to delete. After this, you can simply scroll through the contacts list and look for the contacts names. Some of the contacts allow you to include a person’s mobile and work numbers then email addresses and other information.
  • After this, you can simply press the box next to each contact that you want to delete. When you press the box, a check-mark should also appear next to the contact. Any contact with a check mark to its right is in the queue for deletion.
  • Now you can simply press “Delete” when you have all the contacts you wish to delete, click the “Delete” button. This should be in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. After selecting contacts, you will be able to delete contacts.
  • Last but not the least, you can press “OK”. Here, if you want to return to the contact list then you will be prompted to confirm your decision with buttons reading OK and Cancel.

After these above steps, you will be able to delete multiple contacts from your android phone easily. Or you can also try SafeEraser For Android. This tool will help you erase not only contacts but also other data such as photos, videos, messages, audio files, etc from your android devices with an ease. This tool is very easy and safe to use. After using this tool to delete specific data from your android phone, no one will ever able to recover that data from your android phone. 


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