Protecting Android devices is very good habit and everyone should lock their Android phones and tablets, in order to avoid unauthorized access.

But situation arises where we forgot the pattern lock, PIN, Password or Fingerprint lock of our Android screen and then we look for the solution on how to remove/unlock/bypass/disable Android lock screen.

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If we talk about - which operating system phones are mostly used in the mobile world?

The answer is – Android OS. But it is a true fact that not a single Android device is free from problems. And among several problems Android “Black Screen Of Death” is one of the most faced problems by lots of Android users. And if you are on this webpage, it means you are also encountering wit this issue that you want to fix.

Below, I have mentioned some of the symptoms that will tell that your Android device is having the black screen issue.

Symptoms of Android Black Screen Of Death Issue

  • Light of the device will blink, but your phone will not respond
  • The hanging and freezing of the phone will occur more frequently
  • Your phone will reboot/crash automatically and it will cause more drainage of battery
  • The phone will behave weirdly and restarts on its own
There could be more symptoms that are mentioned above. It becomes very important to fix this issue and if you do not fix it then your phone will die and you will lose all the data stored within it.

Fixing Android Black Screen Of Death Issue

So, without making any delay, let me provide you with the solutions to fix Android black screen of death issue. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Samsung Galaxy, LG phones, Motorola or any other Android devices, the solution is almost same for all Android phone and tablet.
The below mention solution can also be used to fix Android white, blue and blank screen problem. 

Solution #1 – Perform Soft Reset

Soft Reset requires cutting all the power connection to the phone. Simply remove the back cover of your phone and then remove the battery out of it and leave it for 25-30 seconds.

After this re-insert the battery and make sure that metal parts are touching properly and connected very well and your phone is getting power. 

Now check whether your problem is solved or not. If not, then follow the next solution.

Solution #2 – Remove the SIM and SD Card

Sometimes SD card that is inserted in your phone have compatibility problems and it might create issue. So, remove the memory card out of the phone and then restart your device. If it fails to fix this problem, then remove the SIM card as well and restart your device.

Now check your black screen issue has been resolved or not. If not, then follow next solution.

Solution #3 – Disable Dark Screen Mode

When you get black screen on your Android device, then you will not be able to access your phone, but in some cases, users are able to access their phone after getting the black screen.
So, if you are able to access your phone then disable “Dark Screen Mode” Below find out how to do this:
  • Go to Setting>Accessibility>Vision>Dark Screen
  • If it is enabled, then simply disable it

If none of the above solutions help you in fixing Android black screen problem then find out more solutions mentioned here: http://www.androiddata-recovery.com/blog/resolve-android-black-screen-of-death

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Android operating system has become popular than Apple iOS and this is one of the reason why there are more number of Android users worldwide. Android OS is popular because there are unlimited numbers of apps available for Android and it is highly customizable. But you should also remember that older the Android OS, it is more vulnerable to virus and hacker attacks.

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