Summary: This page will tell you the easiest and simplest way to wipe data from Android phone with broken screen. With the help of Android Data Eraser you can safely and securely deleted data permanently on your broken screen Android device.

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Summary: Have you lost or accidentally deleted photos on your Moto X phone? Or lost or mistakenly deleted any files on your Moto X? Looking for easy Moto X Data Recovery solution? Well, this page will tell you the best way to recover lost or deleted files from Moto X.

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Summary: Not able to access hidden files on Android? Well, here is the complete Android Hidden File Recovery solutions that will help you to unhide, show, find, view or recover hidden files & folders on Android efficiently.

Summary: There are many Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X phone users whose phone fails to boot after updating to Android 7.0 Nougat. In this post we are going to provide solutions to fix boot loop issue on Nexus 6P/5X without losing any data.

Summary: If you have lost or deleted files from Android recycle bin that you wish to retrieve then this post is for you. No matter what Android phone you are using such as Motorola, Sony, LG, Samsung, etc, you can always recover permanently lost or erased files from Android Recycle bin with ease.

Summary: Galaxy S5, LG G4, G3 and other several Android phones stuck in endless boot loop. In this post, you are going to learn few fixes that will help you to fix boot loop issue on Android without losing data. Just try the below mentioned fixes one by one and check problem solved or not.

Summary: Rooted your Samsung phone without backing up contacts? Samsung Data Recovery will help you to recover deleted or lost contacts from rooted Samsung phone but try to retrieve your important contacts as quick as possible.


Summary: Sometimes, when you try to launch any app on your Android phone, then you might get error message “Unfortunately, app has stopped”. Never mind, this page will tell you to fix “Unfortunately, app has stopped” Error on Android.

Summary: Got error message “Sorry, this media file doesn't exist on your SD Card” or “'Sorry, this media file doesn't exist on your internal storage” while accessing the media files such as photos or videos in whatsapp? Well, this post will help you to fix error ‘sorry, this media file doesn’t exist on your SD card or internal storage.

Summary: In this tutorial we have provided the detailed guide on how to fix Android and SD card error message “INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE” without losing data. First use Android Data backup & restore software to backup Android files to PC and then follow the solutions to fix insufficient storage issue on Android.