Summary: If you are looking for an easy solution on how to recover pictures after factory reset on Android, then Android Data Recovery tool can help you in recovering all lost data including photos from Android device after factory reset.

Summary: Have you ever got message on Android something like “recovery of deleted photos requires Android device to be rooted”? Well, this page tells you the easiest way on how to recover lost or deleted photos from Android device without root using Android Data Recovery software.

Deleted Whatsapp Group, how do I recover?
I just deleted a Whatsapp Group with 4 friends, because I got mad. The group had a lot of messages, pictures, and we were really attached to it. Is there any way to retrieve or join it back? We want to continue on the same group since it contains a lot of history of us together.
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Have you ever lost or mistakenly deleted call log on Android? Or have you forgotten to save very important phone numbers on your device that was not saved on your device but it was there in call history which is now lost or deleted? Just relax! This tutorial article will help you today to get back deleted call history from Android phone and tablet.

This post will guide you through the suitable Android Audio File recovery solution. Just follow the step by step guide mentioned this post.

In this post, I am going to provide some useful and helpful steps that will help you to restore data from Google backup. Here you will learn about Backing up data & settings, restore backed up contacts, restore backed up photos and videos and more.
How can I recover the files in LOST.DIR on my SD card, and what are they?
I've always had a LOST.DIR folder on my external SD card, which until now has been empty. Today my phone complained that my SD card was damaged and wouldn't mount it, so I pulled it out and looked at it on my computer. There's now a 70237 file inside LOST.DIR which is 128 MB. It starts with something like "ë<MSWIN4.1", seemingly to indicate that it's a dump of a Windows 98 FAT boot sector (which makes no sense).
What did Android dump here and and why? (I think I may have disconnected my phone from my PC yesterday without ejecting the drives first, so that might be the "why", though it was from Windows XP and not Windows 98.) Is there a simple way to recover the information in this file?
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If you have encounter the scenario as discussed above, then you might get confused about LOST.DIR in Android device.

But, you do not need to get worried about it anymore!

In this post you will get clear description about Lost.dir. But before that let us know about some mistakes that are done by users:
  • Improperly or abruptly removing the SD card from Android phone.
  • Sudden freezing or hanging of Android OS.
  • Any interruption while downloading files on Android.
  • Turning off the device when some files are in read or write process.
When users do such mistakes, then they might find that their files are missing or lost from Android device. In such cases, Android OS places the lost, missing files or incomplete downloaded files in system created folders known as LOST.DIR. From this LOST.DIR folder users can easily restore the missing files when Android device initiate the boot up process. 

But users find it very difficult to because the lost files are not placed on valid directory as well as one cannot find the file with its name because the file name gets changed to some random numbers.

Proper Solution To Recover Files from LOST.DIR in Android

If you want to stop permanent loss of files from the LOST.DIR in Android, then you have to act promptly and you must immediately recover missing or lost files before your Android device’s memory space gets overwritten by any new data. Therefore, you must select appropriate LOST.DIR Android recovery software like Android Data Recovery.


Android Data Recovery is one of the perfect software to retrieve lost or missing files from LOST.DIR of Android phones and tablets. With the help of this recovery tool, one can easily get back lost files from LOST.DIR folder in Android devices. It will help you to recover photos, videos, audios, documents, etc from Android smartphone or tablet. This program is powerful enough to retrieve missing files from phone’s internal and external memory and support almost all Android phones such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Micromax, Sony, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc.

Free Download Android LOST.DIR Recovery Tool

Steps To Recover Lost Files From LOST.DIR of Android Device

Step 1: Install Android Data Recovery on your PC and launch it. Now connect your Android Phone with PC via USB cable. Click on “Data Recovery” from the available option.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging on your phone. After this your phone will get connected.

Step 3: Now scan your Android device. Click on “Start” button to begin the scanning process.

Step 4: Once, the scanning process completes, you can then preview and recover files. Select the files that you want back and click on “Recover” button to save them on your computer. 



By now I hope you have understood about what is LOST.DIR folder in Android. And if you are looking to restore missing or lost files of Android LOST.DIR folder, then immediately apply Android Data Recovery.

Many smartphones running on Android operating system does not have option to backup and restore data like photos, videos, contacts, text messages, documents and other files. Hence, it becomes very important for all Android users to regularly backup and keep backed up Android data on PC.


Efficiently Restore Lost or Deleted Data From Android Phones & Tablets On Mac Computer!

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Android device is used for many reasons – they are capable of surfing internet, chat, download movies and songs, watch online videos, call, text, click photos, record videos and lots more.