Recover Lost Data from Samsung Android Phone after update

                            Recover samsung deleted android data after update
Nowadays the craze for android phone is increasing among the users all over the world. As it has lot of features inbuilt in it. You can use this phone to send messages, make calls, save the contacts, click memorable photos, record the videos, access internet and many more. Today there are many manufacturers of Android phones in the market, among them the branded names are Sony, Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC and many more. Now, Android phone has become a need for every mobile user, because with the help of this phone you can access any information, as per your need. Moreover it can act as a store house of all the information for you. Now suppose if the data that are stored in it gets deleted, lost or corrupt. You may think that whether it is possible to recover them. The answer is yes. You can recover the lost data from the backup. If you have not made any backup, then you can recover them with the help of third party software. But before that you should be aware of the scenarios that may lead to the deletion of the data from the phone.

Recover Lost or Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

  samsung galaxy s6 edge plus data recovery
The crazes for Android phones are increasing among the mobile users all over the world, as it has lot of in built features in it. Using these phones is very easy. Today there are many manufactures of Android phone are in the market. Among them many people are using Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, as it has a brand value and have lot of in-built features in it. You can send messages, save contacts, click photos, record videos and audios, connect internet, save documents and many more. With all such features, it can be a complete source of information. Now suppose if the data that are saved in your Android phone gets lost or deleted, then in such cases what should you do to recover them. Before that you should know the reasons how the data gets lost from your phone.

How To Recover Deleted Data From Android Internal Memory

Nowadays everyone got a Smartphone for their personal and business use. Smartphone has met our prime requirement and give entertainment to our life. We use it to store both private and important data like precious pictures, music, videos, and application. Of course, the stored data are very important and once it gets lost it lead troubles and unhappiness. There are various reasons that lead to data loss on mobile phone's internal memory. The data stored in our device really means a lot to us. Removing the memory card without switching off the phone, accidental deletion, formatting SD card, damaged SD card etc. If you are among those users who have lost their data from Android internal memory then don’t worry you can have them back.  

Retrieve Deleted System Apps on Android Device

Android Device has gained popularity in few years and now every single person got one or two Smartphone for personal and business use.  This morning I suddenly came across a thread, which was related to the deleted android system apps. 

Recover Deleted or Lost data from LG Thrill

LG Thrill has now become very popular device between users as it provides the user high technical function. It is now providing large number of features and attracts a large amount of customers for LG users.

Those devices which have greater number of features face more issues. Sometimes, users have to come across many problems like unintentionally deletion of photos, videos, music, etc. Also, when you delete some folders which are no longer in use to free some space and unintentionally you delete some of the data from your LG Thrill while deleting those unused folders. And because this reasons sometimes you get panic and start searching for the solutions to recover the folders from your LG Thrill.

How to Recover Deleted APK Files From Android Phones

APK files are popularly known as Android Application Package which is actually a package file format which can be used to install application software in android smartphones. The files which are downloaded in the android phones are always saved with an extension “.apk”. A program for an android is compiled when an APK file is created. APK file contains all the program resources, certificates, code and also its manifest. There can be lots of situations where you can these files from your Android smartphones.  There can be lots of reasons behind the loss of .apk files. Below mentioned are some of the most common scenarios that can lead to loss or unintentionally deletion of android application package files:

Recover Phone Data After factory Reset on Android?

Android phones are the most widely used phones in the current market. These versions of phones have made the cell phones smarter and easier for use. You can easily click high clarity photos, use different applications, browse different sites, etc. These phones run on android platform and also provide lots of benefits to you. So there is no need of computer because each and everything can be easily achieved with these android phones. However, in certain situations, things may get wrong and you may perform factory reset because of which you will have to lose your precious data.

How to Recover Deleted Photos, SMS, Contacts, Videos from Huawei

Huawei been focusing on selling the more higher-end Smartphone’s and it gained more and more fans in recent years.  The latest phones such as Huawei Honor 6, Huawei mate 7 are highly praised as top 20 popular phones. 

Yet the lots of Huawei users have neglected the fact that the data stored on phone can get lost. No matter how excellent phone you are using data loss is common in all of them. 

Four ways to Wipe Android Phone to Secure Your Privacy

It is very necessary to wipe out all your private data before selling, recycling or donating your Android Smartphone. Here you will get the four different ways to wipe out data on your Android phone or tablet. Just read the methods carefully and then apply these methods according to your convenience and keep your personal data safe.

Four ways to Wipe Android Phone to Secure Your Privacy

It is very necessary to wipe out all your private data before selling, recycling or donating your Android Smartphone. Here you will get the four different ways to wipe out data on your Android phone or tablet. Just read the methods carefully and then apply these methods according to your convenience and keep your personal data safe.
Method 1: Simply Erase Data of your Android phone or tablet.
Method 2: Apply Factory Reset Data on Your Android Phone or Tablet.
Method 3: Wipe Android phone or Tablet completely.

Method 1: Simply Erase Android Phone or Tablet

Android devices are very easy to operate because of its feature, so that it can easily delete contacts, apps, photos, music, messages, and video and document files from their Android phone or tablet. In order to do so not any professional knowledge are required, simply open the apps named as Gallery, Contacts, Video, Messages, Logs , music and much more and find your unwanted files and delete them.

Pros: Simple to delete
1.      Require lots of time
2.      Recover the deleted items.

Method 2: Erase Data on Your Android Phone or Tablet by applying Factory Reset
 A very common method to get rid of old android data and settings. This method id sometimes used when you want to sell, donate or recycle your old Android device.  The data cannot be removed from your Android device or tablet using Factory Reset option. Such deleted data can be recovered by the any of the recovery tool.
Wipe Android data through factory reset, apply the below mentioned steps on your Android phone or tablet:
Go to Settings > Reset> Factory data reset.
Note: It is very important to create a backup of your android device before applying factory reset option.
Pros: It allows you to erase most of android device data.
1.      It allows to wipe android data completely.
2.       Recovery tools can easily recover deleted files

Method 3: Fully Wipe Android Phone or Tablet. Nothing Can Be Recovered

In order to wipe Android phone or tablet completely and permanently, the professional method is to use a professional Android wiping tool. User can easily apply Wondershare Mobile Trans or Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac tool in order to erase all android data. This tool allows you the easy way to wipe everything on your Android phone or tablet. No other recovery software can recover the deleted items. So, it is very important to make a full backup or transfer data from your old Android phone or tablet to iPhone, iPad, or iPod before wiping Android phone or tablet.

If you are still unable to wipe android phone to secure your privacy using the above mentioned method then you can also use Android Data Recovery. This recovery software software provides so many features to perform different recovery option in your android phone.