Recover Text Messages, Contacts and Photos from Android 5.0 Lollipop

If you have an android Smartphone that runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop OS then this post is surely going to help you in recovering if any data lost/delete from it. Many users have already faced this situation required solution to recover Text Messages, Contacts and Photos. As it is very common that while reading a piece of text message, or viewing a photo, and you may accidentally delete it without any notice.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Samsung mobile phone

Are you also the one who wants to retrieve back your important deleted text messages from your Samsung mobile phone? if you have Samsung set like Samsung Galaxy Note III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung

Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Y etc and facing such issue of losing your text messages than here is the solution for you.

How to Recover Contacts from HTC desire 820 Android Phone

Today contacts play important role to be in touch with your love ones and along with that Android is also performing its best part in this. Many brands mobile phone running Android as operating system, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG and more. What will happen if your Android phone loses all your contacts saved by you after wiping phone or buying a new one? Here is the main discussion about lose of your contacts from HTC desire 820 Android Phone.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Have you ever experienced the accidentally deletion of your important photos from your Samsung Galaxy tab? Have you ever get irritated about the data loss when by mistake you have done? But nothing to worry about the data loss as you will know how to recover it in the below mentioned paragraph.

Samsung is considered as one of the best seller of electronic gadgets and in today’s Android world, every one want the product like Samsung Galaxy that supports android version. Samsung Galaxy has introduced a new way to introduce the world via gadget which includes every possible thing and this is Samsung Galax Tab. This is operated with 1GHz processor with Android OS Froyo. With this tab, users can easily access games; eBooks etc from internet with high speed and also can capture focused HD quality pictures along with videos and many more things like it can perform 3G calling. But in many situations, users come across the deletion of their important images from Samsung Galaxy Tab accidentally and also lost some the important photos.

Data Recovery from Samsung Galaxy Grand!

You will find lots of people who have got problem with their Samsung Galaxy Grand smart phone. In fact they are very much worried about that situation but there is nothing such to worry as in some cases you might able to fix the issue by yourself and would go further using Android device as it was before.

When your Samsung Galaxy Grand suddenly freezes, then you can go further by switching it off. Afterwards switch it off as you may be able to access the contents. But you may also face problem in some scenarios when your Samsung phone refuses to use its data. When such situation comes to you, that time you get irritated and you feel that you have lost the entire world as you have important data on your phone such as memorable photos, some videos and audios with some other data like contacts, remainder etc. There is nothing to worry about all these data loss as you can easily get all these data back from Samsung phone with the help of data recovery software.

Android Mobile Phone Data Recovery!

Nowadays Android phones are quite common and everyone have with them. Almost all the phones that are available in the market are android version which includes Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and other Samsung phones, HTC phones, LG phones, etc. However you can often see some people who accidentally deletes their android data and after that they are in a fond of some data recovery tool which can easily recover all the deleted data. They get irritated because they can’t get back their data from own and they also don’t know of how to restore those data. That time they have only one question of how to get back those deleted data from Android phone?

How to recover lost data, contacts from Blackberry phone?

Blackberry is considered as one of the most popular Smartphone in today’s life. It works well as phone, camera, email receiver, player and lots more. The data of Blackberry is stored in memory card or n XD card or in XF card. But users do some mistakes in which they lose their important data which include contacts, pictures, music files accidentally and user even don’t know how all the data have been deleted. They fear a lot because they don’t have backup of all those data and the even don’t know how to recover all those. While you format the phone, all the data of your phone gets lost and it includes photos, contacts, etc. This is only a mistake and users don’t know how to recover. Some user doesn’t know where the data has gone and how it will be recovered.

Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy Note 3!

You will find several numbers of phones that support Android versions and almost every users use this version as it provides various features and attractive. Among them, one of the most branded Smartphone is Samsung which is the latest technologies in marker and among Samsung Smartphone; another Android Smartphone is Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This one is very popular Android phone which supports 4.1 Jelly Bean OS version.

Restore Data on Android Phone after Factory Reset!

Android is considered as an excellent operating system which is very popular and widely used in mobile operating system for Smartphones and tablets. Android devices helps users to capture beautiful images if their friends and families, can record high quality images or can download and install handy applications and many more. But instead of all these, the Android devices are not free from problems like corruption or loss of data.

Recover Deleted HTC Thunderbolt Photos or Videos

HTC Thunderbolt Android Smartphone is perfect device built up with 8 Megapixels camera. The image or video taken by this device is super fine. The image or video taken by this device are stored in the 4GB internal storage memory or in external memory card. But like other device its internal storage and SD card memory are also prone to corruption. Due to accidental deletion user can delete their valuable data. We also think that wish our device are like our operating system which has a recycle bin so that if we mistakenly delete some data there are chances to recover them.  Imagine you went to a trip and you clicked many picture just to store them as a memory but accidentally you found that you lost all the video or image from your device when your friend was busying enjoying those moment through the storage data. You didn’t even have the backup of that moment. So what you are going to do at that moment? Do you know any way to get them back on your device? 

Recover messages, Images and video from Whatsapp

Do you want to recover lost or deleted WhatsApp photos, videos and other attachments from your android device? We all know that this application is very trendy and famous application that helps the user to send and receive images, videos, audio etc. It helps you to connect with your loved ones in a cool way.  Just like other application this application is also prone to corruption. Sometime due to manual and automatic fault the data present in Whatsapp gets deleted. Losing your important data is a very disappointing situation. WhatsApp is the most famous messaging app for all smartphone users. It is available in every SmartPhones such as Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. A single click on wrong option all your data are gone.

How to recover lost or deleted photos in Android Phone?

Nowadays Android smart phones have become the most popular in market. Some of the Android supported devices are Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Epic, Sony Ericsson Xperia, Samsung Galaxy Notes and many more are Android devices. As people started to use Android cell phones, it is quite common that people sometimes accidentally delete video or photo or music files from Android phone and want that deleted data back. Therefore it is nothing to worry because there is a possibility to recover the deleted files like video chips, photos, and music files from Android phone. These all the deleted data from Android phones can be recovered by following simple steps.

Restore files from Micromax Canvas 2

Android OS is rising on demand day by day because of its outstanding features. Every one want to use Android Smartphone these days as it allows user to carry out multiple task at a time. One of the most popular android phones is Micromax Canvas 2 because it has top class features and it is being used worldwide as it allows you to record beautiful videos, best moment pictures, to listen your favorite music and various others software allows you to do several work online such as sending and receiving e-mails, online transaction, downloading favorite music, movies and videos, etc.  Though Android Smartphones provide great features but even then also the users are still facing data loss issue due several reasons.

How to Convert DVD to Android Phone?

Nowadays Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Flyer, Motorola Xoom, Galaxy S II, Galaxy nexus etc are the most hot spots which have gained popularity among the phone users and every day, there are more than 200,000 Android phones activated whole over the world. These all are perfect for watching videos on the go. There are many users who want to enjoy their DVD videos or movies on their Android devices. However, Android phones don’t have the DVD for playing DVD movies. Different type of Android phones support different videos formats which means if you wish to watch the DVD movies on your Android devices anytime and anywhere you want, then you need to rip DVD movie to Android with a compatible video formats.