Restore Data on Android Phone after Factory Reset!

Android is considered as an excellent operating system which is very popular and widely used in mobile operating system for Smartphones and tablets. Android devices helps users to capture beautiful images if their friends and families, can record high quality images or can download and install handy applications and many more. But instead of all these, the Android devices are not free from problems like corruption or loss of data.

The reasons for the corruption may occur due to accidentally pressed the factory reset button. The Smartphone performance can become slow showing errors and in such case you have to do factory reset. When you do factory reset, all the data like videos, photos, music files that are on cell phone will be deleted. After the Android phone is reset to factory setting, you must stop using the Android phone if you wish to restore the data back. But in meantime if you add any new data to Android Smartphone then all the deleted file space will not be overwritten and also the data will not be recovered. Other than the factory reset, more other reasons are there for losing the data from Android devices. Among them, some are mentioned below:
  • Deleting accidentally photo or other media file which makes data loss on Android phones
  • While connecting Android phone to system, it displays errors and forces you to format the drive.
  • Serious virus infection on your Android cell phone SD card makes it inaccessible
  • If there is any interruption during the transferring files from Android phone to computer, then it can make loss of data.

However the only method to recover all the lost data from Android phone, you have to make use of a professional Android data recovery tool. This software is capable of retrieving lost data from Android phone even at critical data loss situation and after doing factory reset setting. It is one of the best Smartphone data recovery software as it is capable of restoring data from Android phones and tablets after resetting them to factory settings. With the help of this recovery tool, you can easily recover all media files like audio files, images, video files including .apk file from several Android Smartphones.

Android data recovery is especially built for retrieving data from several Android versions like 4.1.x Jelly Bean, 2.3.x Gingerbread and 2.2 Froyo. This recovery tool is very user friendly and it does not require any technical knowledge to recover data from Android devices on Windows OS.


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