Four ways to Wipe Android Phone to Secure Your Privacy

It is very necessary to wipe out all your private data before selling, recycling or donating your Android Smartphone. Here you will get the four different ways to wipe out data on your Android phone or tablet. Just read the methods carefully and then apply these methods according to your convenience and keep your personal data safe.

Method 1: Simply Erase Data of your Android phone or tablet.
Method 2: Apply Factory Reset Data on Your Android Phone or Tablet.
Method 3: Wipe Android phone or Tablet completely.

Method 1: Simply Erase Android Phone or Tablet
Android devices are very easy to operate because of its feature, so that it can easily delete contacts, apps, photos, music, messages, and video and document files from their Android phone or tablet. In order to do so not any professional knowledge are required, simply open the apps named as Gallery, Contacts, Video, Messages, Logs , music and much more and find your unwanted files and delete them.
Pros: Simple to delete
1.      Require lots of time
2.      Recover the deleted items.
Method 2: Erase Data on Your Android Phone or Tablet by applying Factory Reset
 A very common method to get rid of old android data and settings. This method id sometimes used when you want to sell, donate or recycle your old Android device.  The data cannot be removed from your Android device or tablet using Factory Reset option. Such deleted data can be recovered by the any of the recovery tool.
Wipe Android data through factory reset, apply the below mentioned steps on your Android phone or tablet:
Go to Settings > Reset> Factory data reset.
Note: It is very important to create a backup of your android device before applying factory reset option.
Pros: It allows you to erase most of android device data.
1.      It allows to wipe android data completely.
2.       Recovery tools can easily recover deleted files

Method 3: Fully Wipe Android Phone or Tablet. Nothing Can Be Recovered
In order to wipe Android phone or tablet completely and permanently, the professional method is to use a professional Android wiping tool. User can easily apply Wondershare Mobile Trans or Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac tool in order to erase all android data. This tool allows you the easy way to wipe everything on your Android phone or tablet. No other recovery software can recover the deleted items. So, it is very important to make a full backup or transfer data from your old Android phone or tablet to iPhone, iPad, or iPod before wiping Android phone or tablet.

If you are still unable to wipe android phone to secure your privacy using the above mentioned method then you can also use Android Data Recovery. This recovery software software provides so many features to perform different recovery option in your android phone. 


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