How to Recover Deleted Screenshots From Android Phones/Tablets?

Screenshots are those files on Android Phone and Tablets that provide you with the same and exact images that is displayed on the screen of your devices and it gets saved on your Android devices as image file format. Moreover, capturing screen state of the Android device has become very easy now. Users have to just press the shortcut that comes in many android devices or just press two buttons (power + volume) to capture screenshot. Screenshots comes useful in many ways such as for showing proof, for sharing, for certifying or for any other usage. 

Since, the screenshot are saved as image file format, it is likely that users may delete or lose their important screenshot from their Android devices due to many known and unknown reasons. For example – there are apps that clean junk files on your android. So, when you run and perform the cleaning of junk files, then some of the junk cleaning apps detect the screenshot as junk files and thereby those screenshots that was saved on your Android phone/tablet also get deleted. 

Reasons Behind the Deletion of Screenshots on Your Android

There are other reasons which could result in the deletion or lost of screenshots from your Android devices. Some of them are mentioned below:
  • Accidental Deletion – This is one of the most common problems that many users mistakenly deleted their files from their devices, including screenshots.   
  • Virus Infection – This is another prime factor that can easily corrupt all files of your devices and can lead to the deletion of Android screenshots and other files. 
  • Upgrading OS – Updating operating system of your Android devices may lead to the deletion of screenshots and other data stored in your devices.
  • Performing Factory Reset – Performing factory reset is like formatting the device. It will bring your device to the state as it was when you have purchased it. By doing this it will erase all data stored on your device. 

Recovering Screenshots from Android Devcies

If you have not added any new data on your phone/tablet after losing or deletion screenshots on your Android, then you can easily recover deleted/lost screenshots from your Android devices with the help of Android Data Recovery Tool. Because adding new data will overwrite the existing data and hence you can’t recover the old deleted files. Beside screenshot this software also recovers photos, videos, contacts, call logs, call history, SMS, WhatsApp history, etc.


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