Recover Phone Data After factory Reset on Android?

Android phones are the most widely used phones in the current market. These versions of phones have made the cell phones smarter and easier for use. You can easily click high clarity photos, use different applications, browse different sites, etc. These phones run on android platform and also provide lots of benefits to you. So there is no need of computer because each and everything can be easily achieved with these android phones. However, in certain situations, things may get wrong and you may perform factory reset because of which you will have to lose your precious data.

Factory reset options is used to restore your phone to the same state as it was when shipped from the factory. If this option is applied to your android device then all the settings, applications and user’s files will be erased automatically from the Android internal memory space.

Let us talk about some common scenarios where you can come across with the data loss situation. Suppose, you had collected a large number of photos, music and videos files on your android phone and at a certain time, the phone started freezing and you become unable to handle it. In order to fix this problem, you performed a factory reset without taking a backup of the files you have already lost. After performing the reset operation you observed that you have even not taken the backup of the files. Because of reset operation, many of your files that you have saved on your androids devices were missing. This situation can turn to be more worst if the list contains your important and confidential files also. If you ever come across such situation then don’t worry. Here in this blog, you will get to know the best solution to recover your data from android device after factory reset. You can make use Android Data Recovery. This software is capable of recovering or retrieving any kind of data from your android device after factory reset.

Android data recovery is one of the best and the effective solution for all your data loss scenarios. This software is applicable for all windows version and for Mac operating system too. Using this software, one can easily recover data after factory reset without losing a single data.


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