How to Recover Deleted APK Files From Android Phones

APK files are popularly known as Android Application Package which is actually a package file format which can be used to install application software in android smartphones. The files which are downloaded in the android phones are always saved with an extension “.apk”. A program for an android is compiled when an APK file is created. APK file contains all the program resources, certificates, code and also its manifest. There can be lots of situations where you can these files from your Android smartphones.  There can be lots of reasons behind the loss of .apk files. Below mentioned are some of the most common scenarios that can lead to loss or unintentionally deletion of android application package files:

Different scenarios behind the loss of APK files on Android Phones:

  • Formatting Storage device on Android phones: When the ‘.apk’ files are stored on externally attached memory device instead of using internal memory then after formatting the external card will also erase all the files on your device which may also include the apk files which you have saved on the external device.
  • Unintentional Deletion of Files: Most of the times it happens that deletion of files is one of the main reason behind the loss of apk files on your android device.
  • Improper Downloading: Sometimes you can loss apk files due to the improper downloading techniques.
  • Restoring Android device to its Factory Settings: Sometimes when you want to restore android devices to its factory settings, then it could result in the loss of apk files.
  • Corruption of Memory Card: It has been observed that due to the corruption of memory card, you can also lose your apk files from the phone.

You must have observed how apk files can be lost or deleted from your android phones unintentionally and so you have to download it again. You can, however, use proper precaution while using android phones so that you can never come across situation like this and can use your android device very safely and securely. You can also know how to recover APK files from Android phones in Android Data Recovery where you will find out different solution to your problems related to your android device. 


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