Recover Deleted or Lost data from LG Thrill

LG Thrill has now become very popular device between users as it provides the user high technical function. It is now providing large number of features and attracts a large amount of customers for LG users.

Those devices which have greater number of features face more issues. Sometimes, users have to come across many problems like unintentionally deletion of photos, videos, music, etc. Also, when you delete some folders which are no longer in use to free some space and unintentionally you delete some of the data from your LG Thrill while deleting those unused folders. And because this reasons sometimes you get panic and start searching for the solutions to recover the folders from your LG Thrill.

Your data can be loss because of many reasons and here are some of the reasons behind the loss of deleted photos, videos, music, etc from LG Thrill are as follows:
  •     Formatting Error: Whenever you transfer photos, videos, music from your LG Thrill SD Card with the use of USB cable to your system then sometimes an error message written as “The device is not formatted. You want to format it now” displays on your computer screen and if you click on the ‘format’ button then all the files were deleted from your SD card.
  •    Clicking Pictures when low battery is found: It is always suggested not to take pictures from the camera when your battery is low because sometimes, you may lost the photos you were taking or also it may become inaccessible to the users.
  •    Other Reasons: Sometimes, the reasons behind the lost or deletion of photos, videos, music files from your LG Thrill phone are power failure, virus infection, improper switching off the phone, etc. 

Well these are some of the reasons of the reasons mentioned above but now it’s time to know how to recover those deleted or lost data such a photos, music, videos from your LG Thrill phone. When it comes to recovery of deleted or lost from your android based phone, it would like to suggest you Android Data Recovery software. This is one of the best recovery software among others that can easily recover deleted data from LG Thrill phone in a few easy steps. 


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