Easy Way to Transfer Android Contacts to iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S (Plus)

Many iPhone users just love to buy the latest version of iOS so that they can experience new features on it compared to the old version. The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus has some extra new features in comparison to other version and so whatever data which is stored on your older phones needs to be transferred to the latest device so that no data gets deleted and easily transfers into the new device. However this is the best time for any android user to buy iPhone and to experience the latest features that is not there in android.

Well going from android to iOS may lead to some problem because everything which is important is stored on android device and after buying new device, all the data needs to be transferred from android to iOS. While transferring, some problem may appear as you have to completely copy the data which includes photos, videos, text messages, contacts along with other data to your latest iPhone 6 or 6S Plus and this is not an easy task to do. Especially the contacts are important for any person because if somehow contacts are lost then it is very difficult to get those numbers again. Because of all these problems, Apple has provided limited rights where users can manage all personal files during transfer of data between Android to iOS.

How to transfer Android contacts from android to iPhone 6

Buying new device means all the data needs to be transfer to new device from old device. But simply transferring data can be a problem, so one should use simple and effective way to transfer all data from android to iOS. With the help of Wondershare MobileTrans software, the data like contacts and other data can be easily transferred from android to iOS. It is one of the best software that completely transfers the data from android phone to iPhone 6 or 6S Plus. Move android contacts with details like name, photo, address, phone number, company, email, notes etc. Best tool in the market that moves your entire data from one phone to another phone.


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