Tips To Wipe Your Android Phone Permanently and Securely

Have you decided to get new android phone? Well, it’s quite good to hear but what will you do with your old one? You can sell your old phone or you can also give it to any of your family member or even a friend. But before going to give your phone to anyone make sure that you have deleted the data from your phone memory completely. You can completely wipe your android phone by simply factory resetting the phone. After deleting a data from the phone, it is assumed that the data have been permanently deleted but unfortunately, it’s nothing like that. So, you try some ways with the help of which you can delete the data completely from your android phone.

Backup the Data:

There is no need to lose your precious messages and contacts when moving to a new phone. However, you can simply follow the steps below to backup the data such as you contacts and messages:

Settings > Backup & Reset (make sure Back up my data is checked).

With the above steps, you can also back up your apps so there will be no need to download them again on your new phone.

Also, it is always suggested to back up SMS and contacts with the use of an app like SMS Backup+.

Backing Up SD Card and Personal Data:

If you don’t want to use automatic backup solution, then you can also use other methods to do so:

You can simply connect your phone to your PC and copy all the folders where your camera music, photos and videos are stored.

 Wipe SD Card and Reset Phone:

Android phones have a built-in reset feature. This feature does not reside in the same place in all the android phones but you will find this feature in Settings.
This feature helps you completely delete data from your android phone. After applying this option, you will be signed out of all accounts and all your apps including personal data will also get deleted and the internal memory will be wiped out.

After applying the above steps if you still find that some of your personal data reside in your android device then you can take help of third party tool. Here, in this case, you can make use of SafeEraser For Android. Using this tool, you will be easily able to delete data from android devices permanently in just a few clicks. 


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