How To Recover Files from Samsung with Broken Screen

“My Samsung Galaxy S4 screen got broken when it fell down from second floor of my building. The phone still gets Switched ON, but since the screen is broken I am not able to access the data like photos and videos stored in my phone’s internal memory. I need a copy of those files. Is there anyways that can help me to retrieve files from my Samsung S4 with broken screen”.

Some Android user might experience above mentioned situations. It is one of the common reasons for the loss of data from Android devices. In most of the cases, the screen is not functional and does not respond. The screen display black screen and nothing visible and therefore users are not able to access the data stored on its internal memory. So, when you encounter such situation, how you restore files off Android devices whose screen is broken.

Solution 1: Recover Data from Android Broken Screen via AutoPlay

  • Connect your broken Android or screen broken phone to PC with the help of data cable. Make sure your Phone is turned ON and connected.
  • You will see AutoPlay popup on your PC screen. 
  • Now click on Open folder to view files option.
  • You can see the files and folders. Now copy them to your PC.
This is one of the easiest and quicker solutions. Once you transfer all the data on your PC you can then disconnect your phone and get it repaired.

Solution 2: Recover Data from Android phone using Android Data Recovery Tool

Apart from broken screen, there are also several reasons that are responsible for data loss such as accidental deletion, formatting of phone, virus infection, etc. When you get in situations like this and if you are not able to retrieve data from android phone via AutoPlay, then you can use Android Data Recovery Tool to rescue your important and most valuable data. The tool will allow you to restore lost, deleted, formatted data from most popular Android phones and tablet such as Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC, LG, Sony, Lenovo, Le Eco, Vivo, ZTE, etc. 


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