Most Effective Ways to Restore Data From Bricked Android Phone/Tablet

Overview: In this post I am going to discuss about what is Bricked Android, what happens when Android phone gets bricked, and what you can do to fix bricked Android and recover data from bricked Android phone.

Let us take one real example:

How do I recover data from an almost-bricked S3?
The title is probably a bit misleading, but I couldn't think of a better one.
Following still works on the S3 I have to recover:
  • I can get into the download mode
  • When I plug in the cable when it's off the charging screen with the endless-loading-circle appears - the circle freezes immediately
  • Turning it on normally gets it to freeze immediately at the first frame of the logo animation
  • The S3 has its original rom it was delivered with, and is rooted.
So there's no bootloader menu.
Is there a way I can recover data from this phone before wiping it?
                                The Example is from - Android Forums

Is Bricked Android Phone Data Recovery Possible?

Yes, the data recovery from bricked Android phone or tablet is possible. There are few solutions out there that you can try and easily restore your valuable data from your bricked Android phones. But before that let us know what exactly bricked Android is?

What is bricked Android?

The condition when your Android phone or tablet completely stops working and it does not respond to any of your commands (either by physical button or touch). Your phone will turn ON in any way and there nothing you can do to fix it. In this situation your device is stuck in recovery mode or boot loop and it is actually not bricked. Fortunately, you still have few chances that you can do to make it work again normal, without losing anything.

Also, there are two type of bricking – the soft brick and hard brick. The soft bricking occurs when there are some errors in software and hard bricking occurs when hardware of the device malfunction.

So, what happens when Android phone is bricked?

Well, when Android is bricked you will not be able to use your device anymore. During OS update or rooting process, if it is interrupted then your device gets bricked. Normally, Android phone is soft bricked – that cannot boot ROM and continues to reboot or do not Turn ON at all, and if you try to run it in recovery mode, the phone hangs or freezes.

How to fix bricked Android phone/tablet?

If your Android device is soft bricked, then you can fix it by performing the factory reset or formatting the Cache Partition that will delete all users data and cache files to make the device run again.

However, if your device is hard bricked then I doubt your phone will get repaired or fixed.  In hard bricked, your Android device becomes completely useless.

Android Data Recovery to Recover Data from Android Bricked Phones/Tablet 

In both soft bricked or hard bricked of your Android device, the data stored on your device gets lost or deleted. Or if you are looking to retrieve inaccessible data from your Android bricked phone, then you can make use of best Android Data Recovery software. You can use this software to get back your inaccessible or deleted data from any Android bricked phones or tablet.

This tool will help you to restore contacts, text messages, whatsapp messages, call history, notes, music files, videos, photos, etc from Android phones manufactured by Samsung, Acer, Dell, Sony, HTC, Oppo, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Vivo, etc.


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