How to Unlock/Bypass Screen Lock PIN, Pattern, Password or Fingerprints on Android

Protecting Android devices is very good habit and everyone should lock their Android phones and tablets, in order to avoid unauthorized access.

But situation arises where we forgot the pattern lock, PIN, Password or Fingerprint lock of our Android screen and then we look for the solution on how to remove/unlock/bypass/disable Android lock screen.

But before that let us know what are the consequences of forgetting screen lock on your Android?

What Happens When You Forget Lock Screen PIN/Password/Pattern/Fingerprint Lock on Android

When anyone forgets the password, PIN, fingerprint or pattern lock of their phone’s screen, then they are not able to access their phone as well as data stored within the device.

But you do not need to worry about it anymore. With the help of several available tips, one can now easily unlock/disable/bypass lock Android screen.

Tips to Unlock/Bypass Screen Lock PIN, Pattern, Password or Fingerprints on Android

Tip 1 – Apply Android Lock Screen Removal Software (Recommended)

Applying Android Lock Screen Removal is one of the most appropriate and perfect Android phone screen unlocking software that easily removes the Android lock screen. It helps you to unlock 4 types of screen lock such as Fingerprint, Pattern, PIN and Password from Android phones and tablets.

And the most important part is that it removed the locked screen without any data loss.

Tip 2 - Remove Android Screen Password with Google Account

If you have already logged in with Google account before your phone actually got locked, then you can follow the below mentioned steps to unlock screen lock of your android phone:

Step 1: After entering wrong password for several times, it will pop-up the message saying “try in 30 sec”. But below the pop-up message, you can see the option “forgot pattern” displayed on the lower corner of your screen lock. Tap on Forgot Pattern.

Step 2: Now log-in with the same Google account that you have used to set-up your Android devices. Enter your Gmail and password. After this Google will send an email with the new pattern lock.

Step 3: After this open mail and reset pattern lock.

Tip 3 – Unlock Android Lock With Android Device Manager (ADM)

If you have already logged into your Android phone and if your phone is switched ON, then you can unlock screen lock with the help of Android Device Manager. Below find out the steps:

Step 1: Log into to Android Device Manager with same Gmail ID and password that you have used to set-up Android phone.
Step 2: Once your phone gets connected, click on “Lock” button.

Step 3: A new window will get open and it will ask you to enter new password to change the current PIN, password or Pattern lock of your phone.

Step 4: Type new password and again type the password for confirmation.

Now, you can unlock your phone screen by entering the new password.

Tip 4 – Bypass Android Lock With Samsung's "Find My Mobile" Service

This is very effective solution for Samsung users. They can take help of “Find My Mobile” service to easily unlock/bypass Samsung lock screen. Below find out the steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Samsung Account.
Step 2: Click on "Lock my screen" option that is located on the left pane.
Step 3: Simply enter the new PIN and click on Lock button located at the bottom of the screen.

Now you can use that new PIN to unlock your locked Samsung phone’s screen.

This service work amazingly for Samsung devices such as S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8 and so on.

Find out more tips on how to Unlock/Bypass Screen Lock PIN, Pattern, Password or Fingerprints on Android: Click Here.


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