5 Tips To Secure Android Phone/Tablet

Android operating system has become popular than Apple iOS and this is one of the reason why there are more number of Android users worldwide. Android OS is popular because there are unlimited numbers of apps available for Android and it is highly customizable. But you should also remember that older the Android OS, it is more vulnerable to virus and hacker attacks.

And therefore we bring these Tips to Secure Android Phone/tablet.

Tip #1 – Use Android Built-In Security Features

Devices that have Jelly Bean or higher OS, comes with improved security features. You can use the multiple screen lock features such s PIN, lock pattern, finger print sensor, password or face picture to lock your android device’s screen. When you are using PIN, password or pattern, make sure that they are not easy to guess.

Tip #2 - Always Check App Permissions While Installing Apps

Many users simply just click on Next, Next, Install while they install any app, without checking the app permission. But you should know that there are many apps that go far beyond and ask app permission that they do not require and we allow them to access our device parts whether they need it or not. For example a game app why would require permission for camera app. So, it is recommended that you must always pay attention what apps should require what permission and then proceed further to install app on your device.

Tip #3: Never Save Passwords on Your Android Device

Many users save their login credentials such as username & password on their Android device, which you should never do. What of your Smartphone get lost or stolen. This is very risky, if anyone who gets access to your phone will have access to your accounts such as facebook, email apps, banking apps, etc. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you must never save password of your important accounts.

Tip #4 – Make Use of Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager helps you to control your Android device remotely. It means that it will allow you track your device location, if it gets lost or stolen. You can also delete your data from the device completely. This feature is absolutely the best features that every Android user must use.  

Tip #5: Do Not Download Untrusted Apps

It is always suggested that you must never download or install app outside of Google Play Store. If you download the app outside of Play Store, then it may be possible that it may contain virus or malware or to may be vulnerable or night have some security and bug issue. There are trusted sites like 9Apps, Amazon App store, but it is still recommended that you must stick with Play store. It is better to be safe than saying sorry.


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